Online Response

Asirad responds to its customers in the shortest possible time, which is one of the important points.

Advice before buying

Pre-purchase advice helps customers make good purchases and not pay extra.

Sure Send

Sending a product is one of the main concerns of customers and special attention should be paid to it.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the most important priority of Asirad from communication time to delivery of goods to the customer.

High Quality

High quality product can be very effective in sales, marketing and customer growth.

quality guarantee

Production with the latest methods in the world is a reason to guarantee the quality of our products.

  • Services

    Asirad has created a special opportunity by producing and supplying high quality adhesives using high quality materials with reasonable price and compatibility with the market

  • Standard

    Asirad aims to provide consumers with the latest technology to provide comfort and reassurance to their customers.

  • Professional Team

    Having the top executives and professional team in sales and production is one of the most important features of Asirad.